Jo Price is an emerging artist born in New Zealand, lived in Melbourne and Sydney – Australia and currently living and working in Italy.


Her work is based on the diverse intuitive energy between people and their connection to nature, she creates works from her own experience, an expression that attempts to highlight and depict normal human emotion as we search for understanding and acceptance. Drawn to contrasts: expressive bold strokes; tidy lines; vibrant colour; natural tones and deep texture – she forms complex layering within the image.


Born in Auckland in 1979 she discovered from an early age an affinity for painting and writing, which she pursued until being redirected into a career in sales management. She excelled in this career for almost a decade before finding her way back to her true passion, realising that "Painting is the biggest challenge but it is what brings me the greatest happiness and therefore the greatest reward"


Managing full-time employment as well as painting, she broke from what was a double life of sorts, to pursue her artistic career. This began with an Artist Residency in the South Italy in May 2014.


After her first and hugely successful solo exhibition in Melbourne, Australia she also exhibited at Spectrum Miami Art show (ART BASEL) in 2014. Now she is preparing new works for Exhibitions in Europe.



When I found my way back to my true path, picked up a paintbrush and began expressing myself on canvas, it was clear that I had awakened a creature that had lain long, in a forgotten corner of my soul, however little did I realise how far this reconnection would take me. Now, rather than seeing my absence from pursing my passions as wasted time, I can see that life has brought me to this moment, with all the experience - and more importantly the courage - to create, with a greater awareness than I had before. The constant search and discovery of the potential within, is what guides me and gives me the strength to navigate through a foreign sense of vulnerability, pursuing what I truly believe in.


My work speaks of the passions and discoveries of life. Through my experience I represent a journey to awareness and acceptance; of ourselves and of others. It is about the moments of joy - and also of pain - and how we process love and hurt; it is about revealing who we really are and giving people the power to respond: with love; compassion; connection - or without. It is the essence of human interaction, the often-ambiguous way in which we communicate with each other as we search for understanding, always struggling to accurately know who we are and to be free to express ourselves truly and fearlessly – without shame.

jo price artist